Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pinterest Inspired: ‘Meh’ Painting to Fun Button Tree

You might remember a while back when I took a series of painting classes, only to discover that I am not an artist.  Didn’t get those genes from my great-grandfather… drat it!

In one of the classes we did this winter tree.  Poor sad little tree.  I never really liked it, so it has been sitting in a stack in my hobby room.   

Then I saw “button trees” on Pinterest.  And I knew what was going to become of my sad little tree.

A trip to Hobby Lobby and I had enough buttons for several projects.  There was a bag called “Autumn”.  Perfect since those are the colors in the painting.

After a quick look at my Pinterest inspirations, I started placing buttons. 

It was fun watching it change.

And now I love my button tree painting! 


  1. I love the Button Tree!!! I liked it the way it was to begin with but the addition of the buttons really makes it POP!

  2. I think you've definitelt got something from your great gradfather! Your button tree is lovely!

  3. Saw your link-up at CSI and had to come by to admire your artwork! Beautifully done! "Not an artist"? Pshaw.


  4. Coming from the link party at the CSI Project. I love the tree and the buttons are a great addition. I've seen some of the button inspired projects on Pinterest too and I think you nailed it!

  5. This turned out really great! The buttons are so whimsical & I love the colors you chose.

  6. This turned out great! So whimsical & I love the color pallette!

  7. I'm dropping by as The CSI Project guest judge this week. This turned out lovely! I've admired several button trees on Pinterest and I love the story of how yours came about. Great job!

  8. Don't say you have no artistic talent! The painting is beautiful with and without the buttons.

    I have a stash of button that I need to actually start using. After seeing this, I think I might try a set of trees for the four seasons. I'll have to quilt mine cuz there's no way I could make your tree.

  9. this is fabulous! i love the design and the colors!

  10. i love the idea!!! and i love the pattern as well~ gorgeous!


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