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Monday, January 9, 2012

Snow Jars... My Way

I’m rather pleased with my little snow jars.

With all the traveling I have been doing, I hadn’t seen the pictures on Pinterest of the snow globes from Anthropologie.  So after Thanksgiving when we were in the store, I picked up one of the cute jars.  

And very carefully set it back down.  Seriously… they wanted $38 for a quart size snow globe. 

Methinks not! 

Next day I hit the Dollar Tree.  Package with 2 mini snow frocked evergreen trees… $1.  Package with a set of three people… $1.

One for Little Bird.

One for Little Hoss.

And one for me.

Jars from my stockpile.  I got this at Home Goods for $2.50.

Glitter.  Used about $5 worth (Martha is spendy but it’s good stuff!).  Had a lot left over.

I glued the figures down with a hot glue gun.  Then I brushed white glue on the bottom of each jar and poured in some of the finest glitter.  Swirled it around to cover the bottom of the jar.  I wanted the bottom to not be able to be seen thru when the jar is shaken.  

Then I poured in a bunch of the course and medium glitters ( I mixed them to what I liked the looks of... not too dusty).  

And ta-da!  Snow globes. 

Anthropologie… $38 each.   

Teri… $5.50 each.   


  1. When my boys were little I had them make presents for their aunts and uncles. One year we did snow globes. However, I'm pretty sure theirs didn't look as nice as yours do :-)

  2. Your snowglobes are great! I also saw these at Anthropologie and thought they were a really cute idea. When I looked at the price, I thought "I can make these myself for alot less". These are on my list to make for next Christmas !

  3. Very pretty! I may have to try some of these myself next year!

  4. You did a great job! Well done. Great price too!!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  5. Saw you on the CSI glitter challenge (mine is the candle votive holders). I love this post! Such a great idea. I will be trying this for Christmas this year!!


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