Saturday, January 28, 2012

Picture This... A Clean Garage!

A few weeks ago Donna at Funky Junk (  )  issued a challenge to get one room of our home “picture perfect”.   

Right now I didn’t NEED a room per se to be perfect… but my garage was a disaster.  I’m going to remodel my hobby room this year and that means everything must come out of a very large room.  And it had to go somewhere.  

That somewhere was the garage.  

Time, energy, and bad attitude combined; the result was chaos. 

For three weeks I plugged away at it.  Two truckloads went to the charity store.   Some was shifted up to the shed (which I’m not concerned with until warm Spring comes!).  The dump and recycling center took a bunch too.  But most of it was just put away more neatly. 

Before:  At least we could still get the truck in.   Tho getting out could be an issue…

After:  All the clutter is up off the floor and nothing pooching out from the shelves.  Crafting stuff is temporarily stored at the end and chairs I’m going to redo are hanging out of the way (with a couple holding some bird houses that I’m going to make look cute). 

“Garage stuff” shelf is looking good.  I can find everything I need and get to it easily. 

Before:  But you couldn’t get out thru the ‘people door’ for the bags of pillow forms and woolens for felting. 

After:  This is my gardening, bonsai and bird feeding area.  That big box in the picture above of the end of the garage is a huge utility cabinet.  Just got to get it put together and it will stand in the corner next to the door. 

Before:   Things were stacked haphazardly.  Even my craft supply shelf was a mess.

After (taken from the opposite angle):  This is my future workshop area.  I’m going to build a 4’ X 8’ workbench that will hold those grey tubs underneath.  The tubs hold bulky and/or heavy crafting supplies.  The white workbench will be repositioned to about where I was standing for the photo to be an extra work space.

My crafting shelf… much more organized.  The plastic drawers will hold my office supplies when I empty that out of my hobby room.  The blank spaces are where things belong that I have brought upstairs to work with.   The right side is my jewelry stuff and the left side space is where my mixed media supplies belong. 

Before:  Behind the shelf wasn’t any better.  Nothing was put where it belonged. 

After:  Everything picked up and put away.

The household storage shelf was culled and organized too.   

It’s not going to be featured in “House Beautiful” but I am very happy with my results. 



  1. Wow! You've certainly put a lot of work into the project. It looks wonderful

  2. Oh my gosh... you have really pulled that garage together! So awesome! I'm thrilled for you with all that extra room! :)


  3. I feel your pain - just finished cleaning out my basement after 16 years of (hoarding) collecting!!

    This would be a perfect inspirational post for our "Impossibilities" challenge ...

    I've joined up with 5 talented bloggers for an "Imagine the Impossibilities" challenge multi-blog link party going on now. It's all about tackling your most daunting task ... and you can find out more at this link ...

    Hope to see you there!

  4. You have some impressive organization skills! I'm doing a standing ovation ;)

  5. I love it! I recently cleaned out my shoving everything in my basement. Maybe I'll follow your example and clean the basement up next.

  6. Way to go!!! It looks great!!! I wish I could do a clean up of my garage.. however the roof leaks.. ARghh :(

    Check out my blog too :)


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