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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pub Music at the Steam Packet Inn

After we left Sorbie Tower, we headed out to find somewhere to have lunch.  It had been quite some time since breakfast and we were feeling a bit peckish.  A lady we asked directed us to keep heading down the road to village of Isle of Whithorn.  She said the Steam Packet Inn was a pub that had a nice lunch buffet.  

So off we went to the very end of the road… in farther and we would have been in the bay!   

Good thing we arrived when we did, as it was the end of the serving time.  (In Scotland the food serving times are much shorter than here in the US.  One meal service does NOT blend into the other!)  Sarah, the lady at the buffet told us no rush, to enjoy our meal.  

Sarah visited with us a bit, talking about the area and urging us to try a bit of everything on the buffet.  

And we did!  We were so hungry neither one of us thought to take pictures!  

Only later did we discover that Sarah was the owner of the pub!   

The entire time we were eating, we were also enjoying listening to a group of musicians playing in another room (in the pub area itself).  As soon as we were done, we headed in there to listen for a while.  

“A while” turned out to be hours!

The musicians are local folks how get together once a month to jam.  The man to the far right is Philip and he scooted his chair over close to Himself to explain things and answer questions – all while never missing a note!  (Please excuse the backlighting.  That is what I had to work with.)

Everyone brought in whatever they played and had a blast.

Some of the members played and sang.

Some played several instruments!  This man played the bodhran (Celtic drum) and the guitar.

The accordion was unusual to me.  This small one I think is called a “button accordion”.   

But enough with the still photos!  Below are some videos I recorded through the afternoon.  


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