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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Welcoming Porch

Welcome to my front porch!

May has been 'curb appeal' month and of course that meant the porch needed a serious overhaul.  I pulled everything except the arbor.  A good scrubbing was very much needed.

Then I started working with the plants I had bought at the Amish auction.  It won't be long before this moss rose is lush.  The front gets pretty hot even tho it faces east.  The moss rose doesn't have an issue with that.

The metal containers stay pretty moist so it isn't a problem planting in them.  I pulled some of my lanterns to set about.  I think they give such a welcoming look.

More on the left side.  (Yep, the front one is really a bird feeder... but I love its lantern-like shape.)

So... come in and visit for a wee bit?

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