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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Clean Up Your Own Backyard

Have you heard of the “Great America Clean-up”?  It’s part of the ‘Keep America Beautiful’ campaign.  And today is the date my county selected to organize the clean-up here.

However, I’m busy today!  (There will be several blogs coming out of today’s activities!)  So yesterday Himself and I went out to the along one of the last two roads (just 1.4 miles worth) leading to our house and picked up trash out of the ditches.  Himself regularly picks up along the 1 mile stretch that is our road. 

There was a lot to pick up.

Himself’s pick-up method was to flip them into his bucket with “the claw”.  I preferred to use a pick-up gripper/grabber (or whatever you call them!). 

These two weren’t sure they approved of our activity but we got big waves from most of those who passed us in their cars.

You know what?  It was kind of like taking an anonymous poll. 

Top two favorite sodas?  Mountain Dew and Coke.

Top two favorite beers?  Well… the northbound litterers favored Miller Light while the southbound litterers like Michelob Light.  (The good ol’ boys seem to be watching their waistlines!)

Favorite fast food for drinks?  Sonic.

In fact, 95% of the litter we picked up along our route had to do with beverages.

What else did we discover? 

There is a lot of ice being bought and the bags let fly into the ditches.  (Filling up coolers?)

Only two candy wrappers were along the road… a Snickers and an M&M.

And one car bumper!

Keep America Beautiful states that people are more likely to litter in a littered environment.  We hope since it now looks nice AND since a lot of people drove by us, that maybe there will be less trash thrown out. 

At least that is what we want to happen.

Because THIS is just disgusting…especially for only a mile and a half!

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