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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kitchen Project

Over at “Mary Organizes”  a fun little summer challenge series is going on.  Each week she assigns a room/area and we are to make some sort of change-up that either tackles an issue we’ve been avoiding or ‘breathes new life’ into the room.

I’ve gotten a bit behind the power curve on this, so the next few days I’ll be blogging what I’ve done for my challenges.

Week One was the kitchen.  

The project I worked on was this accent wall.  I’d gotten a start on it a bit earlier but had never finished it.  

Before it was a long blank expanse of green…Boring!
Now – I love it!  A bit of eye candy hanging up helps too.

I did this painting a while back.  My life motto!  LOL  

This old scrapbook was made by my great grandmother in 1947.  The light switch will be changed out when I find one I like OR I make one. 

And the tassel on the pantry door adds a bit of fancy!

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