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Friday, May 2, 2014

Compassion Sponsorship From the Other Side

Last weekend Himself and I had the opportunity to work another Compassion International concert.  It was a bit different this time as it was an outside venue. 

The pianist is Aaron Shust (“My Savior, My God”). 

And these were the other acts – the band is MikesChair with Jonny Diaz joining them.

But this is what it is all about for me… telling people about the kids.  Our co-worker Rachel loved showing the packets to this family.  That mama is raising those babies right – explaining to them as best she could about the program.

Look at all those precious faces.

Her packet says a whole lot.

But what made this event unique is another girl from Uganda.  One who had been like sweet little Pretty… a child in a sponsor packet.

This is Juliana.  At one time her future was bleak.  Her father died and her mother couldn’t afford the fees for her to go to school.  The little girl sold yams in the market.  Then someone told them about Compassion.  Juliana was enrolled in the program.

One day a family picked up a packet at some concert and fell in love with the sweet face they saw.

Juliana was sponsored.  Her sponsor family encouraged her and helped her to believe she could live her dreams if she worked hard.  She made it thru school with high grades and was accepted into the Compassion Leadership Program.  She made it thru college, earning a Bachelors.  

Then she was accepted into Baylor for her Masters in Social Work.  Juliana graduated last May and by now is heading home to Uganda where she will work for Compassion to make a difference in children’s lives.  She also has a woman’s self-help venture where ladies learn to make beads to support themselves. 

And she had closed the circle… Juliana is the sponsor of a little Ugandan girl.

It’s humbling to stand next to a true hero.

If you are interested in helping a child, go to  

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