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Thursday, May 29, 2014

How Does Your (Herb) Garden Grow?

This crazy winter/summer weather in May had me holding off on getting my herbs in.  Too cold or too hot just isn't fun.  But finally we got the job done.  I had to replant almost everything because of the bitter winter we had.

(I can see at least 4 upcoming projects I need to work on in this photo!)


Of course this annual gets planted new EVERY year.  I put in a lot this time.  In the foreground you can see three lemon basil plants that were part of my auction lots.  I'm looking forward to experimenting with them.


My poor Arp rosemary is looking kind of pitiful.  Frankly I thought I had lost it to the cold.  But it is struggling back.  I think I'm going to plant a couple more (when I find nice ones) since we use so much of it.

Don't you love the butterfly?  Sis gave it to me.  Thanks Sis!

Chives and Garlic

Last year's garlic and this year's chives.  Himself will enjoy the chives in his cooking.


I see more Italian cooking in my future!


One of my favorites.  We use this a lot; it is especially yummy in scrambled eggs.


The two rows on the left are regular sage and on the right are pineapple sage.

I lost all my sage plants to winter.  The pineapple sage was also part of the auction plants that I am playing with.

Love the color on this sage plant!

French Tarragon

This one gets babied thru the summer.  I was happy to see it come back this spring as it is somewhat hard to find around here.  It does NOT like the TN heat what-so-ever!  And I'm sorry but Mexican 'tarragon' is not really tarragon.

Italian Parsley

It's not as pitiful as it is looking.  It's just a bit water droopy.  

Grape Tomato

Not sure what variety.  Last year I planted some beautiful fennel next to my tomatoes.  

They did NOTHING most of the year.  Nothing... like not even growing in height.  They were green and lovely but no growth and no tomatoes. 

I later found out reading about companion planting that fennel inhibits growth of tomatoes.

Boy does it ever!!!!!

We have tomatoes this time!

My biggest disappointment is my asparagus.  I have about 15 feet planted... and only about 6 sprouted.  This is their third year and I was so looking forward to plate after plate of fresh asparagus.  I've noticed neighbors aren't having much luck with their crops either.  I really hope I get a lovely surprise next spring...

(The cute chicken trellis was also a gift from Sis.  She's got great taste, doesn't she?)

I'm excited about my herbs and looking so forward to the cooking I'm going to be doing  with them!


  1. Oh what a beautiful garden! Your photos made me just want to "graze". :-) I've always heard about companion planting but never read about anyone actually seeing results. It's fascinating that the fennel inhibits tomato growth. I've heard that borage helps protect tomatoes ... have you ever grown it? I haven't been able to find it this year (it's available in early spring) but next year I'm going to try it out! Thanks for a lovely post!

    1. I've never grown borage. Parsley is good for tomatoes too, so they are planted in the tomato area.


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