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Saturday, May 31, 2014

May In the Rear View Mirror

I feel like I should put up a sign on the street corner… “Lost: the month of May.”  I have no idea where the time went! 

A week was spent in Missouri over Mother’s Day.  We had an exceptionally nice visit. 

We made progress in the yard, focusing mainly on curb appeal and winter clean up.  Using Dad’s leaf blower we piled and burned enough leaves that we could have hidden an elephant in them!  It took days to deal with all of them.

You’ve already seen our front porch redo.  We also worked on the sidewalk area and around the front of the house, the herb bed, and in front of the shed.  I’ll be showing those soon. 

The bird garden is a work in progress… like the shed; we’ve decided to go deeper with the redo so it is taking longer.  But it is going to be worth the extra time and effort!  The iris I was planning on moving out finally decided they liked where they were planted and bloomed for the first time in several years.  So they are staying right where they are at!

Our compost pile got a jump start with some ‘cow dirt’ from a neighbor and Sunday School classmate.  He brought down a whole tractor bucket load of well composted manure from the area he feeds his cattle. 

Not much going on inside the house.  When I have time and energy I’m done some putzing in my studio. 

Also have been sorting thru tubs of clothing that are/were too small for me.  I am a very happy camper that some are now fitting again!  I’ve sorted the ones I still can’t wear into tubs labeled by size and they will be stored until I need them. 

We haven’t had anyone over this month… June will be the start of our entertaining.  But we did have two delightful meals with friends in their homes.

 Other outings have been the Amish plant auction I wrote about earlier this month and an original play put on by a local church.  Plus two times we have volunteered at Whole Foods cooking classes. 

And so it is onward into June.  We still have a decent amount of yard work to finish… something I am kind of dreading with the building heat…

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