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Friday, May 9, 2014

Amish Flower Auction

Well, those April showers have brought in May flowers.  The May Amish flower AUCTION, that is!

We headed off on our annual trip to the Fairview Produce Auction house.  We got there early to score a good parking place and a good place to be in on the auction action.  Within a half hour this place was parked full.

All sorts of horse power was in that parking lot.

There are two separate rings going at the same time.  One has mostly annual flowers, hanging baskets, planters, and that sort of thing.

The other has mainly trees, bushes, roses, and perennials. 

The young boys are the ones tasked to bring the pallets of plants up to the sale area.  They are good workers… and good players too! 

So… what was being offered up for sale?  (A big thanks to Himself for taking almost all of these photos.  I was otherwise engaged…)



Even vegetable plants.


Bedding plants.


There were a lot of planters.

In everything you could imagine.

The hanging baskets were amazing.

Sensory overload!

Beautiful flowers were everywhere.

There was also a pretty nice bunch of lawn furniture and trellis being sold.

The prices were really, really good.  Like about half to a third of what the big box stores are charging.  Except for one plant…

The Knock-Out roses were going $10 to $15 dollars HIGHER than what the big box are selling them for! 

Did I buy anything? 

I’ll show you tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. I bet you bought hanging plants. Love your flowers you all took. Great for Buyers for Mothers Day. Such a selections.

    My hubby just walked in with yellow Mums even though will be going to see my daughter which is over two hours drive. I hope my flowers don't die on me. I have them in the light of the window on a high buffet. When I leave Sunday.


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