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Sunday, July 13, 2014

52 Candles

Time to blow out the candles again.  I logged on to the ‘net this morning to see the above as my home page.  What fun! 

Fifty one is past and fifty two is my new number!  This last year has been a good one.  Things are changing both with my home and with me…good changes.

I’ll start with the most noticeable.

(23 June 2013)

(May 2014 - I've shed about 5 lbs since this photo.)

In the last year I have lost 60 pounds.  No miracle diets…in fact, no diet at all.  I decided to eat the correct portions I should be eating.  I don’t calorie count but I am aware of calories.  And I have greatly reduced the amount of heavy carbs I eat (pasta, bread, potatoes). 

The next change is the house and its clutter.  Basically… there is no more clutter!  And I love it!  My studio is coming along nicely.  It’s set up and now I’m going thru the boxes of stored things to put them where they belong. 

Our yard’s curb appeal is increasing as Himself is now home to help with the heavy labor. 

I am always a bit introspective before my birthday and this one was no different.  I’ve had my ‘Fabulous Fifty’ and ‘Fifty 1-derful’ birthdays.  What would this one be?  I had my answer as I listened to a devotional by Alistair Beggs as he talked about repentance.  He said to repent means to ‘turn away’ but what good is turning away unless you turned towards something better.  Of course he was talking about turning away from sins and towards the Lord.  It resonated with me and I started expanding into other areas. 

Turn away from rote Bible studies and towards serving as a way of life.

Turn away from a sedentary lifestyle and towards a fitness goal… to run/job a 5K by September ’15.

Turn away from clutter and towards fine tuning an area every week.

Turn away from a sloppy appearance and towards a habit of looking my best every day.

Turn away from unhealthy eating choices and towards having meal plans.

Turn away from electronic entertainment and towards using my creativity.

Turn towards…

It’s going to be an interesting year!


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