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Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Day for Us

There is Mother's Day and Father's Day.  There's even Grandparent's Day.  But who would have thought it... there is an Aunt and Uncle Day!

  And today is the day!

My aunt and uncle are one of a kind,

A little goofy but are quite a great find.

They like to play the same silly games,

And are always calling me strange little names.

They love to hug and kiss, tickle and squeeze,

And sometimes I even bounce on their knees.

I like it so much I can't help but grin,

I know it's their hearts I'll surely win.

by:  Bernadett Redmond

Meeting Little Bird

She was born in August while I was in Tennessee and Himself was in Alaska.  I got up to MO the next week, so I met her when she was about 4 days old and Himself met her a couple days after that (he flew into St. Louis).  

The first time she locked eyes with me, I was lost.  I knew this Auntie stuff was going to be awesome.

He's already wrapped firmly around one of those tiny fingers.

Then joy of joys... we got to do it again the next year!

This time ol' Auntie was on hand for the big day.  Dad and I had Little Bird babysitting duties over Little Hoss' forthcoming arrival.  He was only a few hours old for our first cuddle.

It was two months before Himself made it home.  But those two didn't waste any time bonding.  Little Hoss looks like he realizes that this will be his rowdy playmate... "come on Unca"!

(Sometimes they BOTH get in trouble for the games they think up!!)

My how they are growing.  Both of these photos were taken in June at the St. Louis zoo.

Being an Aunt and Uncle is such a blast!!!

Thanks Sis and Big J for letting us be such a part of their lives!

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