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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Whole Town of Yard Sales

I like going to yard sales but I'm not so crazy about all the driving around it takes to get to each one.  So when there is a town-wide yard sale, we try to go.  A couple weeks ago the little town of Trenton, KY held their annual yard sale.

People set up all along the main drag, which happens to be Highway 41.

You arrive in whatever your 'wheels' are... auto, tractor, or horse buggy!

Then you start walking!

I'd say 90% of the houses are having a sale... some houses have several sales as friends bring in their stuff too.  This darling house belongs to one of our friends... and another set of friends has set up under the tree.  What fun!  Visiting AND shopping!

The old school's yard is full of tables too.

Even the local business establishments will put out a table or two.

Different musicians played from this flatbed trailer. 

Was it good shopping?

Oh yeah...

These little silver pieces were only .50c each.  They will be holding beads in my studio.  I haven't decided if I'm going to clean them up or not.  

What else did I come home with?  

Let's see... 4 large ice tea glasses for $2 for the set.  (Dad, these should be big enough for your ice tea!)   About 70 different embroidery flosses for $5.  An old 45 rpm record stand for .25c which will hole photos and post cards.  A Pyrex cobble plate for $1.  Miscellaneous 'creative' odds and ends for a coin or two each.  Five medium large steel mixing bowls for $1 each.  A heavy duty stainless steel 10 qt pot and lid for $10.  

Not a bad day...

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