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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thrifty Finds - Power Tools for my Jewelry Making

As my studio comes closer to completion, I am becoming excited over different projects I’ll be able to do.  But one project was staying unreachable… making jewelry from my sea glass and sea pottery.

I didn’t have the drill press I needed.

Then not too long ago a friend decided to sell a bunch of tools that had belonged to her late husband.  One of those tools was this drill press…

Can you see why I jumped on this?  Perfect for my needs and I know that John took excellent care of his tools.

A short time after that I found the other power tool I needed for my projects – a grinder.

I picked this Black & Decker grinder up for a mere $5 at that citywide yard sale we went to a few weeks ago. 

I’m going to be having some fun this winter making jewelry!

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