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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Photo Album

I took a lot of photos this month for blogging and of course they don't all make it into the blog.  Here's the ones that just didn't fit into a story.

This pond always has great reflections.  This time I stopped to photograph one of them.

Not a great photo but not bad either considering it was through a window and at an angle.  One of the twin deer fawns from our little herd.

I just love thistles.  They are at every stage on this plant.

Do you ever look up into the clouds for shapes?  I do all the time.  On our last drive up to Missouri I photoed the ones I saw...

Do you see the Teddy bear?

Or how about a grizzly bear in this one?

This little cutie is a red panda.  'They' used to say it was related to the raccoon but DNA has proven that not so.  It is its own distinct species and the only living member of that species.  He was NOT happy about being outside.  Wiki states they are very heat sensitive and can not well tolerate temps over 77*.  It was late June in MO... the temps were well over 77*...


  1. Well it's true -- you learn something new every day! I never heard of a red panda and at first glance thought it might be a fox! Are they very prevalent where you live? Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

    1. Actually, they are from the Himalayas and southern China. I think it was last year (or maybe a couple years ago) that one of them got loose in the National Zoo and led them on a merry chase.


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