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Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Amazing Aqua Elephants

While we were at the St. Louis Zoo from Little Hoss' birthday, we were treated to something I thought rather amazing.  As I mentioned before, it was pretty hot that day.  Most of the animals were napping in the shade.

But not the elephants!

We watched this Mama Ellie and her baby fooling around in the water for a while.  They were splashing a bit and getting their feet wet.  The wee baby was a hit with the on-lookers.

Then all of a sudden the Mama decided she'd had ENOUGH of the heat.  She waded in so forcefully that she caused some pretty good waves...

But they were nothing compared to the wave she caused as she DOVE completely under the water!

It only took a moment before the little guy dove in too.  

First time he didn't go completely under but he did a fine job swimming around his mother.

He looked so funny with a bit of hay still on top of his head.  The kids all laughed and laughed... both at the 'hat' and at the sight of swimming elephants.

We'd been watching for a while when it occurred to me that I should get this in video.  

I'm so glad I did... their antics were so much fun.

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