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Thursday, July 31, 2014

July in the Rear View Mirror

Weather-wise, July was a strange month here at The Sticks.  Twice, for a week at a time, we had some really, really cool nights.  Cool as in the upper 50s!  Bad thing though… very little rain.  The yard is getting pretty well baked.  We have started bringing out the watering buckets (our 5 gallon buckets with a tiny hole drilled in them). 

No trips this month, except for a day trip to Nashville with my sister and family.  Yep… the babies came down to Tennessee!  What a blast that was!

We have done a lot of entertaining this month… large groups.  We did a spaghetti dinner for our Sunday School class and had a tea for my Homemakers club.  Fun!

We have been taking advantage of those cooler temperatures; we have been and are BUSY in the yard.  I’ll have several projects to share over the next few weeks.  I am so happy with what we’ve been getting done!

With the work outside and our entertaining, not much has happened inside.  The studio is coming along slowly but surely.  I have a couple room makeovers planned for August.  I’m excited about those!

In fact, August seems like it is going to be our Makeover Month!  Lots of changes planned…

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