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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Salud! at Whole Foods: Backyard Beer-Garden Party (Recipe soft pretzels)

A recent class we worked at Whole Foods was "Backyard Beer Garden".  My focus was on learning how to make pretzels!

Himself worked with the couple who made up the pretzel team.

The dough had already been made and risen for them.  Each batch of dough was divided into 8 portions.

Brian was a ringer as he had already made pretzels before.  Pretty soon he was showing everyone how to do them correctly.

Of course I took a try at them!  It was kind of like making a play-doh snake.

Once you got the dough rope long enough you shaped it into the pretzel shape.

They are then boiled for about 30 seconds in water with baking soda.  That is what gives them their unique texture.

Coming out of the bath.  You have to have one of these 'bird nest'/'spider web' strainers.

When the bath is done, they are put on trays and brushed with melted butter, then sprinkled with pretzel or sea salt.

Bake and transfer to a platter.

And you have hot yummy pretzels!

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