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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Visit to Opryland Hotel

Part of our visit with my sister and family was to check out the Opryland Hotel.  It had been years since Himself and I had been, so we were curious about the changes after the flood a few years ago.  Big J had never seen it.

We spent most of our time in "The Delta" area.

It's really fantastic.  That 'river' you see has a boat ride going through it... and this is all INSIDE the hotel.  Strangely enough, finding info on these beautiful inside areas is nearly (or maybe completely) impossible to do on the Gaylord Opryland hotel web site.

Everyone enjoyed looking out at the 'river'.  

There were a lot of very large fish and even a flatboat ride.  Unfortunately it would be over $60 for everyone to ride so we watched instead.

There were many levels and places for the kids to explore, which they enjoyed very much.  We all enjoyed the fact it was nicely air conditioned too!  It was in the mid to upper 90s outside!

There are so many photo opportunities in the three areas (The Delta, The Cascades, and The Conservatory). 

Over in The Cascades the kids were fascinated by "The Dancing Waters".  The fountains shoot water jets in different patterns from one rock to another or sometime straight up.  

There were also some really big koi in the pond too.

In The Conservatory it is like taking a walk through a tropical garden... without the heat.

For a moment we thought Little Hoss was going to dunk his sis!

But she stayed dry!

Back over in The Delta they burned off more energy while we adults sat, sipped a soda, and gathered energy.

Gotta get that shoe on tight!  I love this shot of him!

There are a few strange critters in the hotel.  The kids had fun with this photo op.

This strange person was a bit scarier...LOL.

The hotel area is a nice cool place to spend a hot summer day.  Beautiful views (bring your camera!) and good food are there waiting for you.

A tip:  If you want to visit the hotel, be aware that the hotel parking is $21 dollars!  Yes... $21.  So to avoid that, park at the very end of the mall's FREE parking lot.  There is a short walkway over to the hotel that brings you to an entrance that leads right into The Delta area.  You can drop off people at most of the entrances then drive around to the parking lot if you need to.  

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