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Friday, July 18, 2014

A Tea for the Ladies

Yesterday I had the fun of hosting a tea party for eleven friends from the Homemaker club I’m in.  

I pulled out pieces from my crystal and cut glass collection, plus other serving items.  I loved the way everything worked together.

My cupcake stand became a fruit cup holder.  Those cups are from my punch set.

The sweets:  lemon and Red Velvet fairy cupcakes, coconut macaroons, ‘Calypso’ cookies, and ginger cookies. 

Tea biscuits accompanied by butter, orange marmalade, and peach-apricot jam.

My basil is going crazy so I made Caprese skewers.

I cut the quiche with a large heart shaped cookie cutter.  It was the perfect serving size and looked so cute!

Mini banana puddings served in ‘crystal’ disposable cups.

The beautiful flowers were brought by one of the ladies.  Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers; so bright and each so different.

Finger sandwiches.  The front one is ‘Caprese Turkey’ sandwich (sundried tomato turkey, provolone cheese, and pesto).  The back is ‘Thyme for Beef’ sandwich (thin sliced roast beef with thyme cream cheese on wheat).

There was much visiting and eating, enjoyed by all.  I was warned that some of them would be wearing their hats…

… so I wore one too! 

Himself was there and ran the coffee and tea station for me.  Plus he did all the clean up afterwards (thanks Love!).

It was so much fun.

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