Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Gathering of Plants

This is my 'year of the plant'.  I'm working on developing a 'green thumb' for both outdoor and indoor plants.  To be sure, I'll be starting off with the toughest plants I can find!

Here's the start of my indoor gang!  The cedar chest is a great place to keep them.  Even tho it is a west exposure, the matchstick blind makes it bright yet indirect light.  (On days it is really intense we pull the curtains during the peak of hotness).

My hen and chicks planting.  As you can see from the first photo, several have bolted and are getting ready to bloom.

The two leftover 'chicks' from my give-away.  The pineapple is a second generation... the baby of a recycle pineapple plant.

Inside my little greenhouse (a gift from Himself that he found at TJ Maxx) are a couple of plants (fern and ivy) that are going to end up in a terrarium.  The orchid is a tough guy from Trader Joe's.

I'm looking forward to having plants again.  I have several areas picked out to start more groupings, plus my porch, deck, and courtyard.



  1. So many nice green buddies, Teri! I particularly like your hens & chicks, they are so quirky reaching high for sunlight and ready to bloom. Thank you for sharing your plant gang with us Urban Jungle Bloggers!

  2. You got a pineapple plant to fruit?!? How awesome!


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