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Friday, May 29, 2015

Flying Up The Ladder

Since we've gotten the front porch and courtyard done, I'm now working on the other side of the sidewalk... the 'bird garden'.  It's a big area that is basically the backfill from the building of the house.  Just a bunch of clay and rock that weeds barely grow in.

So we've mulched it over and are slowly putting in planting beds and different focal points.

My birdhouse ladder is one of those focal points.

I have all sorts of eye candy on it.

This is the ONLY kind of rooster I want around here!

You have to have a bit of bling to catch the sun.

This house has an occupant!

My favorite bird houses are the ones that look like a church.

So this is my first finished Bird Garden project for this year.  I have several more lined up to get done before the summer heat sets in. 

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