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Sunday, May 3, 2015

An Enamelware "Nest"

A while back I came into owning a stash of enamelware; about 18 pieces for around $10.  It was a really good yard sale...

I haven't done anything with them since stacking them up on my shelf.  But an enamelware challenge and a bunch of Hen and Chicks that needed planting came together at just the right time.

This will be a fun addition to my kitchen.


  1. Is there dirt under there? Cute idea!

    1. Yes, a bit...with a lot of gravel under the dirt. The enamel is intact so I'm not worried about leaking and with the succulents, there isn't much water anyway.

    2. The glass stones are from the Dollar Tree. It took a double layer of them to get a nice rich look.


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