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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Love The Home You Have: A Welcoming Courtyard and Porch

Welcome to our home!

We've been working all spring to fix up our entryway into a warm and welcoming area.

A place where you can be comfortable.

I made-over these inexpensive chairs I found at Lowes.  When I started out they were bleh tan.  You know the color  LOL!  I sprayed the entire chair with the robin egg blue.  Then I masked off the frame.  The birds are masks that I made by tracing onto contact paper and sticking them on the chair backs.  SO easy to do.  Then I sprayed the seats and back with cocoa brown paint.  The rusty chippy table was done in the cocoa brown also.

That's all there was to it!

I love my angel sitting in front of the Leeland cypress.  In a few years when they get some size to them, we will transplant them into the yard and get a new pair for the courtyard.

One of our five birdbaths.

A little accent area we put together.  The 'wall' was made with a couple pieces of slab board given to us by a neighbor with a portable sawmill.   The bench was left here by the previous owners.

I think geraniums are so cheerful.

The primitive angel was a gift from my Mom.  There are different decorations for her to hold for each season.

Down on the bench are a variety of planters and lanterns.

I use a lot of sedum and succulents since they are so easy to care for.  This area gets some pretty intense late morning sun so these plants are what can tolerate it when I forget to water.

This lily is thriving here too.  I think since the pot is on the ground it doesn't get as hot.  I can't wait for it to bloom!  It has big white flowers.

Here's a glimpse of our rare rattlesnake ... Crotalus cerastes concretus.

But don't worry!  The roadrunner has his eye on him.

The hen on the front porch is watching too!  LOL

I used more planters and lanterns up on the porch.

More of my hen and chicks.

One of Himself's favorite plants.  It's an annual called "Persian Shield".  The leaves glow so pretty.  When it gets to about 2 1/2 feet tall I'll start pinching it back so it will get bushy.

The only hanging plant that stands up to the heat... Purslane.  How about that cob web?  There are SO many spiders this year.

Welcome!  Glad you're here!

In case you're curious, here are the "Before" photos from just a few weeks ago.

Much better... yes?

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