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Monday, May 11, 2015

Individual Beef Wellingtons

Until recently I had never had a Beef Wellington.  They always look so wonderful... and so complicated... and so BIG.

So I was very happy when I found out at a recent Whole Foods class that we would be having 'mini' Beef Wellingtons.  Each is an individual serving.

Better yet... they are not hard to make!  

You start off pre-cooking your beef and making the mushroom stuffing mixture that goes inside the Beef Wellington.

Once that is done you roll out puff pastry to wrap the beef in.

Put the mushroom mix onto the pastry.  Then you put the beef on top.

Seal the beef-mushroom in the pastry like you would wrap a present.

This will be the bottom.

Brush with an egg wash.

After a bit of baking... you have a delicious and impressive main dish to serve.  

This recipe is going to go into my regular rotation of 'company' recipes! 

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