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Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Jesus Spring Fling Thing

Last Saturday our church held a community event.  The whole area was covered with fliers inviting all to come.

To come for free music.

(See that rocking out drummer?  He's our pastor!)

To come for free kid fun; games and prizes too.

To come and sign up for Vacation Bible School.

To come get a Bible and a cookbook.

To come for lunch.

To come have a some delicious hand pulled pork.

To come have as many plates as they wanted.

To come to a car show... to look or to enter.

To come have a chance to win custom trophies.

To come...

No cost, no fees, no donations either.

Just come.

And they came.  

There was laughter, and singing, and a whole lot of eating.

What a fun day it was!


  1. That would have been a fun event to attend...wish we lived a little closer to ya.


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