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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Lake Walk in April

Walks down to the lake in spring are always enjoyable... and even more so after an icy winter and cold early spring.  It was such a perfect day we decided to go beyond the lake and up the hill.  

Along the way we saw this Mourning Cloak butterfly.

Also this Spicebush Swallowtail.

Of course the flowers are 'busting out' everywhere.

I love the fringed petals on this "Miami Mist".

Not sure what this is.  It looks just like a wood sorrel... except it is huge.  One of those tri-leaves would cover the palm of my hand!

So many beautiful flowers to enjoy.

Here's one of my spring favorites, the May Apple.

You'll see the broad umbrella-like leaves on shady hillsides early in spring.

But what you usually don't see are the lovely single white flowers each one has.

And even more rare to see... the 'apple' itself.  They are quite tasty, something that all the deer, raccoon, and every other forest creature knows.

Here is what Himself has been wanting to show me for a long time.  I think this giant tree is a cottonwood.  You can just see me standing to the right of it.  This is one serious tree!

Have you ever seen a tree that decided to grow sideways?

Neither have we!

Woodpeckers have been doing a job on this old snag tree.

Look at all those wood chips!

We ended up hiking for about two hours.  I was so sore when we got home.  Obviously I need to get out more often!

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