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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Have The Hat...

... I just need to get to the Derby!

Besides all the hats to try on that I wrote about in yesterday's post, there was also a challenge for the day.  A challenge to decorate our own Derby hats.  

I found out late about the challenge so I didn't have time to pull out all of the stops and actually MAKE the hat to decorate.  

So I grabbed a rather plain hat I already owned.  I had always planned on blinging it up a bit, now was the perfect time.

I had this feather pick I wanted to use...

...and a trip to Goodwill gave me this beautiful tie that worked perfectly with the colors in the feathers.   And since it was a Derby hat, there had to be a horse and some roses!  (The horse is a silver pendant I bought in Mexico).

After some clipping, sewing, gluing and a few burns, I was satisfied with the results.

My very own Derby hat!

1 comment:

  1. VERY nice! You should find an excuse to wear it and not wait for that Derby invitation :-)


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