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Monday, May 18, 2015

The Kentucky Derby and Me

Here it is 2 days past the 2015 Preakness and I haven't written about the Kentucky Derby.  Although I'll risk sounding like a Monday morning Quarterback, the Derby is special for me... and so I will still write!

I'll claim to have the Derby in my blood.   In 1949 my maternal grandparents went to the Kentucky Derby.  My grandmother's maiden name was Ponder... so she placed her bet on the long shot horse Ponder at 16-1.  The above photo made her very happy... it is Ponder coming in to win!  I don't know how much she wagered; a $2 bet paid $32!  

When I was a kid, Dad and I used follow the pre-Derby races and there was fierce debate over who would be the winner.

In 1973, we REALLY went back and forth!  Would it be Secretariat (blue and white silks)... or Sham (green and yellow silks)?  Both were tremendous horses.  

But as we know, the winner was the incredible Secretariat.  

(But did you know that not only did Secretariat break the old record at the Derby... Sham did too?)

Then in 1992 these two horses put a nice little sum in my pocket.

Himself was just back from Desert Storm.  A young soldier friend decided he wanted to go to the Derby.  I asked if he would place a bet for me and bring me back a Derby Glass.  He said "Of course".

Like my grandmother, I had him place a bet to win on the long shot: Lil E. Tee and a bet to show (meaning I'd win if he came in 1st-2nd OR 3rd) on Dance Floor.

I won on both!

The young man brought back over $130 for me off of $10 betting money.  He placed the same bets for himself... I don't remember how much he wagered but he was VERY happy.  LOL  

And now we are up to 2015.

If you remember my post from the end of last month, my pick to win was American Pharoah.  

Uh-huh... that would have been a winning bet!

And had I had the opportunity, I'd have bet Dortmund to show...and would have been in the money again.  ;-)

Did you watch the Preakness last Saturday and see Pharoah "swim" to a victory?

Will there be a Triple Crown this year?

We'll know in 20 days...

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