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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Upcycling and Creating

Something I really enjoyed about the Homemakers Convention was all the creativity being taught and displayed.

One of the seminars was on "Upcycling".  

The demonstrators were great.  They kept it moving and interesting; there were a lot of visual displays to keep your attention.

They had a fun little 'hands-on' project.  On each table there was a paper bag with different odds and ends (junk).  Each table was supposed to work together and upcycle this junk into treasure.  As you can imagine, there was a lot of chatter and laughter.

We came up with this 'garden angel'.

These ladies had a garden bee!

As I mentioned earlier, there were a lot of items brought in by the lecturers.  Here's just a few of them...

A recipe holder.

A jacket from chenille bedspread scraps.

A wind catcher.

A wreath from old aluminium trays.

More wind catchers.

Plant stand made from the leg of a round table.

Planter from a vase and bowl glued together.

A little fairy garden.

More wind catchers.

Even tho the judging was bogus, there were so many beautiful creative items displayed at the Cultural Arts Contest.  Here are a few samples of the talent within Homemaker club members.


Love this family heirloom wall hanging.  What a wonderful idea!

There's a professional weaver among us!  This is a full kilt that was handwoven on a loom.  She didn't mention the which clan tartan it was.

Items in the Miscellaneous class.

Fine arts oil painting.  Lovely!

This crazy quilt was entered in the "Embroidery" class.  I would love to make a crazy quilt some day!

Love it!

Baskets galore!

I thought this one was best.

As you probably imagine... all this has gotten my creative thoughts flowing!

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