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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Quilts, Mansions and More... the Last of Louisville

There just a little bit of this and that left to show of our trip to Louisville.

Besides the "upcycling" seminar, I signed up for a seminar about quilts.  I'm still going thru the info that was given out... maybe there will be something to write about at a later date.  But for now, here are some beautiful quilts to enjoy.

So much work goes into a quilt.  They are truly an art of their own.

Our last seminar was on wild birds.  Very interesting.  See that dark container in her hand?  She said that is the best thing for keeping ants out of your hummingbird feeder.  I'd guess she would know, she has over 70 feeders (seed) in her yard!!!

Out and about in Louisville you'll see these 'painted horses'.  Here's a web site where you can see more:

We had an unexpected detour that took us past some beautiful old mansions near the University of Louisville.  The photos aren't the best as I was navigating, trying to keep us from getting run over, and snapping photos are we went along.

We had supper out one night and went to "Queen of Sheba" Ethiopian restaurant.

Unfortunately we weren't overly impressed.  It was 'good' but the poor service tipped the scale to 'we won't be coming back'.

Overall, our three day get away was great.  I hope to go again next year... this time in Lexington!

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