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Friday, May 8, 2015

A Trip To Louisville

Himself and I have just returned from a trip up to Louisville, KY.   This was a 'business' trip with some off-menu fun added in.  I was picked to be a voting delegate to the state Extension Homemakers Convention.  The grand thing:  because I was 'working' our lodging was free!

The convention was held at the Crowne Plaza hotel near the Louisville airport.

Our 5th floor room was quiet, comfortable, and spacious.  There were real glasses and ceramic mugs.  Lots of pillows on the beds.

My only complaint is there was no in-room microwave or refrigerator.  Seriously, for what the rooms here cost one would expect to have something that has become pretty basic in the lodging industry.  Even little "Mom & Pop" motels have a microwave and fridge in the room!  

Maybe I should correct that...  There WERE fridges available - for you to RENT!

Uh... No.

I cooked up several things and we brought a cooler.  Loaded up with hotel ice, we ate very well for those 3 days.

Love the double sink bathroom.  No fighting for space getting ready in the morning.

Had to laugh at their little soaps!

My friend K (grandma of the wee Fairy Princess) was here too, along with the Princess Mom and the Princess herself.  Had to let my friends know THEY were welcome!

I had several responsibilities during the conference.  Here I am working the voting delegate sign in.  I also was a voting delegate for the business meeting.  

There were a lot of things going on at the conference...

There was the cultural arts contest, which is a huge disappointment to me.  The judging was awful.

See this needlepoint picture?  It was fantastic.

See that blue ribbon?  It means NOTHING.  It is basically a 'participant' ribbon and almost everyone got one.  Seriously...

This is what won in the needlepoint class.  -sigh-  I'm sorry, it may be 'cute' but it is NOT the caliber of the framed picture.

Every division had ONE ribbon... no matter how many subdivisions there were in the division.  And the 'blue' ribbons were only given to 'also ran' (tho a few didn't even get that!).  No first, second, third.  I heard a lot of ladies who were really angry and talking about not going to the effort of entering anymore.  I understand them.

There was an area of informational displays telling about EHC projects.

They had a silent auction to raise funds for various projects.  This one had quilt blocks to bid on.

There were 4 different times for seminars (each time slot had about 6 -8 seminars to pick from).

Himself and I bugged out on Tuesday afternoon to do a bit of site seeing.

And we skipped our in-room picnic for an Ethiopian meal.

It was a great get-away for us.  I hope we can go to next year's conference in Lexington!

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