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Monday, June 30, 2014

June in the Rear View Mirror

Well, summer is here; by date and by temperatures.  As the song goes, ‘…those hazy, lazy days of summer…’ have applied to this month.  Our pace has slowed and we’re enjoying it.

We made one trip this month and that was up to Missouri for Little Hoss’ 4th birthday.  The trip was more exciting than we had planned though.  One night lightning struck the tree next to my parent’s house and arced to the house!  Everyone is OK and there was not all that much damage.  You betcha there will be a blog soon on this.  I learned a whole lot about lightning and home safety in a short amount of time!  (Firemen are happy to tell you how to be prepared for trouble.) 

Back on the home front, we’ve been working on small outdoor projects to increase our curb appeal.  And inside I’ve been focusing on my studio.  A night of watching the weather radar made me realize that we had NO place to hide if those strong cells became a tornado. 

Next morning I was pulling all the boxes I’d stashed in the under-stairs closet to sort later, and putting them in an area in the garage.  A July project is to build a safe place for us to go to.

Otherwise, we’ve had a few friends over for meals, done a bit of dog sitting while friends go on vacation, worked a Whole Foods class based on ‘crab’ (YUM!), and we’ve hit a few yards sales. 

With my studio coming together, I’m more able to play with my creative projects and I’ve been having a blast with that! 

June has been a good month… can’t wait to see what July holds!

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