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Sunday, June 22, 2014

20 Miles of a 400 Mile Yard Sale

A couple weekends ago Himself and I set out on a treasure hunt.

It was the annual Kentucky Highway 68 Four Hundred Mile yard sale!  Hwy 68 runs not too far from here so it was a perfect day trip.

There were signs all along the highway to lure in buyers.  The towns along the route were also full of yard sales.  Figuring out which ones to check out was the big trick of the day.

A sign pointing down a narrow gravel country road gave me a feeling.  Good things are down little country roads...

In this case, great things!

Mr. Tom and his great grandson Dylan were getting rid of 'junk'.  Stuff everyone else calls 'antiques'... with a bit of funky junk thrown in to make it really fun!  Yep, that's Himself carrying a box for me.

Mr. Tom and Himself hit it off, which worked for me.  The more they talked... the more I shopped!

I mean... look at this wonderful treasure!

He was getting rid of a "few" of his old fishing poles.  A few...yeah, right.  There were 32 poles there!  I wonder how many he kept?

Mr. Tom's sale was the first one we hit... but it sure wasn't the last!  It was truly a target rich environment.  

The back of Little Red when we got home.


The wheel barrow was $10, the pry bar was $3, the floor jack was $5.  The cool metal gas can was $2... you'll be seeing that later in a creative project.  The milk crates were $1 each.  One of them is now my 'weeding seat'; which saves my knees hugely!

Kitchen items.

All from Mr. Tom's sale.  The antique candle stick was $1, as was the refrigerator glass container and the vinegar cruet.  The platter was $2 and the peeler was .25c.  

Stuff for Little Bird and Little Hoss.

Great books for .25c or .50c.  The hard hat and 'construction' blanket are going to Little Hoss.  And they will each get a cowboy hat.  

A couple things for organizing in my studio.

OK, the plants aren't from the yard sale.  A friend has an herb business and we stopped by there first to pick up my French tarragon and rosemary.  She threw in the mint and a tarragon alternative (does better in the TN heat and she says tastes just like tarragon), plus a red basil she is having issues with.  I'll try it in my garden and let her know how it does.

The stone face is a planter I'm going to put sedum in for 'hair' and the little owl will sit in one of my succulent pots.

One of the yard sales was at an Amish farm.  

Love this display case I got at Mr. Tom's.  Talk about solid!

And a box full of funky junk for creating!  

Oh yes, it was a grand day!

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