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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Happy Father's Day Dad!

I've learned a lot from watching you over the years.  All the way back to when you were coaching...the guys called you "Bear" and I was the cub.  I loved being your shadow.  In your shadow I learned all sorts of things that shape my life every day; from which end of the hammer hits the nail, how to go up a scaffold, and how to slow down to figure out something before jumping into a project.  I also learned to stand my ground, to insist on respect, and to give people at least one chance.

We have the BEST father - daughter dates!

You have always dressed to impress (tho Robert certainly looked sharp in his uniform)!

Of course, I know what your favorite clothes were...

... anything with a number on it!

Growing up we always had one fun thing or another going on.  (Snazzy pants Dad!)

You are always ready to lend a hand in whatever projects Sis or I have going...

... like building gi-normas shelves in my shed...

...or keeping score at Sis' basketball games.

You are always ready for the task, along with teaching us how to do it too.

And just when you thought it was time to take it easy and have a few naps with ol' Jack... get to start all over again with the babies!

(But they sure do get away with more than I ever did!!)

Happy Father's Day!!!

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