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Friday, June 20, 2014

Eagles, Eagles,...Eagles Everywhere!

Did you know there is a National Bald Eagle Day?

That would be today.

Down here in Tennessee folks get really excited about bald eagles.  A sighting will make the local news paper.  There are eagle tours on Kentucky Lake/Barkley Lake and Reelfoot Lake. 

And an eagle nest? 

The area is cordoned off for about a quarter mile as to not disturb the sensitive parents.

In Alaska… they are pains in the butt.

They fight over garbage bins.  Foul sides of houses.  Attack passerby’s along the street.  Raid fishing boats.  Delay air planes as they flock an area.

One time Himself counted over 100 bald eagles on his ship and two ships tied to either side. 

But they sure are beautiful…

I took a lot of eagle photos while in Adak, Alaska.  Here’s a few to enjoy on this National Bald Eagle Day.

A young bald eagle before molting into adult plumage.

Flying out to see what he can steal from the returning fishing boat.


Getting food the old fashioned way… catching it himself!

Sitting on Himself’s ship.

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