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Thursday, June 26, 2014

All Aboard the Birthday Train!

While Little Hoss turned 4 on the 23rd, Sis had his party on the 21st.  He wanted a 'train' theme for this year and that is what he got!

I made the birthday banner this year.  It was so much fun!  

Sis has the babies parties over lunch, so there is always a nice spread for noshing.  Big J made sliders, Great grandma L made a jello salad, Mom made a Caprese pasta salad and a wild rice salad, I made a tzatziki dill dip, and Sis filled in with things like cheeses, chips & dip, and so on.

After we lunched it was time for the gifts!

A new train set.

The bags are part of the gift now.  He loves his super heroes too.

This is the first time Himself has gotten to be part of the celebration!  

Himself and I found this Amish quilted throw in Kentucky.  It's just right for a fun blanket for him to play with.  

Recognize the hard hat from our yard sale finds?  Himself gave it a major scrubbing and it's perfect for our little construction dude.

The big moment... blowing out the candle.

The three of us.

There is not a happy male in this picture!  It takes an engineering degree to put together some of these toys.  And Little Hoss wants to play with his new truck NOW.

Soon enough we were dodging and the dog was running as Hoss worked the controls of his first remote control car.  

Good times!

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