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Monday, June 16, 2014

Scratching Out Some Biscuits!

"Would you like some hot biscuits?"

Is there any other answer than "Well YES!"?

Himself loves to bake.  He'll whip up a pie crust for my quiches or a treat of fresh homemade chocolate cupcakes.  He says he learned to bake so he wouldn't have to share goodies with his brothers!  LOL  Doesn't that just sound like boys?

But it sure worked out for me... as I don't like to bake.  Too scientific for me.

He had a local wood-turner make this biscuit cutter to his specs.

A batch of four biscuits.  He'll figure for a moment or two, and will make a batch whatever size we want.

Lightly brown and perfect.

Even more perfect with butter and orange marmalade!


1 comment:

  1. My boys are like you--they like to cook (especially dishes where they can 'wing it' with the ingredients), but baking is too precise for them.


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