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Friday, June 27, 2014

Organized Office Space

Time for another challenge at Mary Organizes.  This week was "Office Area".  

Oh my...  that meant a trip down to my studio again.  

In working on my studio I've done a lot of piling... way too much piling.  But sometimes that is how it works out, you know what I mean?

Time to take care of the mess!

Amazing what a bit of clearing and putting a way can do for you.

The dresser and desk were already in good shape.  I had done them in Jan '13 and have kept them maintained.  I'm kinda proud of that.

The dry sink to the left of the desk belonged to my husband's uncle.  We got it at his estate sale.  On the top I have a couple of organizers.  The drawer holds clipboards and accordion files.  And inside are my note cards, greeting cards, and the notebooks that will hold all of our instruction manuals (we're going to put them in as we find them).

In case you're curious, that to the left of the dry sink is a cream can (from Himself's family farm) holding walking sticks we've gotten from all over the world.  Those colorful ones were given to use by our Maasai sponsor child's father.)

The desk was cleared of everything except these two things.

The photo holder is something I made.  I call it "Count Your Blessings".   The little dragon was giving to me ages ago by the high school boys my Dad football coached.  Our school mascot was the dragon.

On the wall in front of the desk are a few inspirational pieces.

On either side of the desk is my collection of model horses.

The TV is basically for the DVD player.  I can put my tai chi DVDs in and work out, or watch them while I'm on my elliptical.  Or I can listen to a CD.

Anyway, this is another area done in my studio and I am VERY happy about it!

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