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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Score! (Guest post by Himself)


Oh – ref the title; Teri says I should have called it, “You snooze, you lose!”  

In our cleaning up we managed to get rid of another big item – a NICE shelf unit still in the box.    In going thru everything Teri is making the tough decisions of ‘getting rid of extra’.........even if it is brand new (so to speak). 

I first asked our lawn-man if he wanted it.   He has a big ol’ workshop and we figured he could easily find some place to put it and plenty to put in it.    Making his living working in other people’s yards – mowing, landscaping and fixing things up, having more space to put his tools/items is a given.   Tough job in this heat but man, he is out there.   

Well, perhaps the heat is getting to him some... 

With a good many members of our church a bit older he has plenty of customers.   With my decrepit back and large yard which is situated on a slope by the river we are his customers too.   Teri had to hire him because I was gone during summer months and needed help.   Dan has proved himself so ‘on the ball’ and capable, hey..........the job is his.

The shelf.......

Mentioning the shelf after church two Sunday’s ago Dan said, ‘Oh, OK.....’ and that was about it.   Figuring that in his busyness he had forgotten about it, this last Sunday I mentioned it to his wife Lora.   Man.....that got a response.     Informing me with raised eyebrows that ‘Dan had not mentioned a THING’, Lora was extra delighted about it and promptly claimed it as HERS!!    Needing something just like this, it didn’t take Lora long to inform Teri just what she was gonna put in it either.    Me?   To egg this on a bit I said, ‘Hey – I told Dan!  He didn’t jump on it so it might as well go to you.’   Lora, eyebrows still up, enthusiastically agreed.   I finished with, “Could you let Dan know that he can come by any time and I will help him load it – it is pretty heavy (I’m guessing 250-300 lbs. -- hey, it is a nice particle-board shelf!)   

Well, Dan-the-Lawn-Guy showed up today...   89 degrees...

With his usual quick efficiency he had our lawn done in record time.  But man, you could see he was dragging in this heat.   Being cool lately and warming up all of a sudden, it is obvious Dan hasn’t acclimated to this yet.    In coming to the door to get paid Teri noticed a sweaty and tired Dad but said, “He is down below and waiting for you to help him load up that shelf to your trailer!”   Down he comes.

I had managed to drag/tilt-walk the shelf a couple of feet out from where it was leaning and needed Dan to put our dolly under it to get it the rest of the way out of the garage and on to his trailer.   Dan, in walking up to me gave an appreciative look at this shelving unit.  And perhaps one with a bit of regret.    Noticing this I smiled and said, “Well, it could have been a fine-looking shelf in your shed but when I didn’t hear back from you I mentioned it to Lora.  To perhaps remind you.   However, it only took one second for me to realize that might not have been the thing to do!    Dan, that wife of yours got an ‘Oh, really?’ look on her face and quickly mentioned that she had the PERFECT spot for it and already knew what she was gonna put in it!”      In hearing this, Dan, looking down, gave kinda a slow and tired nod of his head with the words, “Yeah.....she told me.....”

But to let him off the hook some I gave him some friendly advice that probably won’t work but hey, he might be able to score something out of this deal.   I said, “As you can see, it is still in the box.   And it is quite large.   If you ‘play your cards right’ and put this large shelf unit together FOR Lora she might even let you put something in it!”     Shaking his head with a smile Dan said, ‘Well, we’ll see.................”

Which means there won’t be even one thing of Dan’s within this shelf.
~~ Himself ~~

PS – question for the List.   For you guys who are willing to admit it, have you ever gotten something ‘for you’ but it ended up being taken over by your Lady?  

PPS – For both men and women – do any of you have trouble getting rid of something that is ‘still in the box’?   Or, like Teri, that doesn’t bother you a bit when you finally make the decision that it is time to go......


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