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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Morning of Card Making

I enjoy do a variety of creative projects but one I haven’t gotten into is card making.  Probably because I have a stash of cards I’ve purchased here and there.  Likes dozens of them… and that’s not counting all the blank note cards!

But at a recent Homemakers meeting the lesson was on card making.  A good, interesting, frugal topic…fun too.

Geri went over a half dozen different techniques that are regularly used in card making: stamping, embossing, stitching, collage, pens & markers, and quilling.

She brought enough supplies that after her demonstration we all were able to give it a go ourselves.  Everyone jumped right in on it and had a great time.

Applying embossing powder to a stamped image.

Then heating the powder to ‘melt’ it into a metallic image.

Bobby made an embossed card.

Silver and gold embossed butterflies.  You know, I have a heat gun...I really need to use this method with some of my projects.

Kathy tries her hand at quilling.

I think her butterfly and flower turned out great. 

Me?  I tried some stitching…

…and a bit of everything else too!  My card was kind of a 'sampler' so I can use it to remind myself of what I learned.

It was a fun make and take all by itself but Geri also brought us lunch to go with it.  What a great afternoon of socializing!


  1. might become as crazy about making cards as me, someday!!! I have an entire room just for my office/card making. Oh well, everyone has to have some hobby.....stamping is mine ;-)

  2. Oh I used to make cards. Then I went to making albums for all 6 G kids.

    Oh why not have a hobby. Good for the minds. I am enjoying your blogs but not excited about verification. That takes time.

  3. Why don't you do number for verification. The names become not clear enough to see and I with a cataract. I end up trying three times. And I would like to see more on your blogs just have not the time to sit all day.

    1. As far as I can see in my settings, there isn't a choice of how verification is done. And without the verification I was getting up to 20 spam comments a day. Got tired of that real fast. Still get a few, but only a couple a week.


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