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Friday, June 6, 2014

Home Management Schedule

This week the challenge over at Mary Organizes is “Home Management”.  This week we are to do something that will make our lives easier. 

Hmmmmm… I had several ideas but most would take longer than a week to implement. 

So I decided to focus on my weekly cleaning schedule.  It definitely needed some tweaking.  

I do housework 5 days a week but I’ve decided instead of having a weekend break, I will take Sunday and Wednesday off. 

The ‘shelf’ column is in regards to my Living Room.  I have 4 large bookshelves with lots of mementoes.  Dusting them all in one day is a major pain.  So I’m going to do one each day.

The chore is to get those things that don’t fall into a normal category.  Yes… I have to remind myself to check the plants! 

Then I wrote out what I needed to do in each room.  A big benefit of having it written out is that you know what you need to delegate to other family members!  ~wink~  

It really isn’t all that hard because once a routine is established nothing gets out of control.  I’ll be done with each day’s cleaning routine in 2 hours or less.

And that I like!

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