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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Peek at the ReDECKorating

One of my outside projects for this summer is to do a bit of a deck makeover.  I'd hoped to get it done in May...then in June... but rainy weather and other delays kept that from happening.  It will definitely be July before I can get busy on it.

BUT I had some succulents we bought at the plant auction that I had to get into pots.  We took a morning to get that job done.

Here's the west side that faces the river.

A closer look.  The tall sedum and the rail baskets were already there, the rest of the plants are new.

On the other side of the deck are all new plantings.  Our fountain cracked so it is now a planter.  Then I gather a few other planters to fill in.

Here's that cute little Mexican owl I found at a yard sale.

Most of my hen & chicks were doing well.  I did some repotting to even things up.

So my plants are in and I'll just have to move them around as we work on the deck itself.  And until then we will be able to enjoy looking at them.

That works for me!

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