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Monday, June 2, 2014

DONE! The Shed is Done!

Behind this tidy exterior hid a messy secret… a shed out of control! 

When we moved in 6 years ago (the end of this month), Himself was already up in Alaska at work.  Mom and I did all the packing of the whole house; a lot in a small amount of time.  By the time we were moved in…we were exhausted.  Everything excess was just thrown in the shed.

From that time, there it all sat.  And because it was such a mess, additional things we moved out of the house/garage just got thrown in because there was no place to put it.  

Chaos…pure chaos. 

Over the years I would make various runs on trying to get it cleaned out.  But never enough to get it done. 

Until this spring…

We got busy and kept at it.  Slow methodical picking thru – weeding the junk from the good.

And it started to improve…

Now it is done!!

The back south wall.  These shelves are 3 feet deep to hold our largest items and tools. 

The top shelf holds small furniture I’m going to redo, our Christmas trees, and a few other things.

This section perfectly fits our lawn tools.

The heavy section… tiling supplies, bonsai and cactus soil, and sand for some other projects.

My ‘scrippy scrap’ wood. 

The SE corner where you saw Himself doing all that sorting.  Now my lumber rack and tile storage.  There are several projects waiting in the bottom section that will pretty well clear that out.

My lumber stash!  I didn’t realize I had so much.

The SW corner holds the ladders.  I have two large fiberglass A-frame ladders (one was in use when the photo was taken) and two old wooden ladders for projects. 

Back half of the west wall has the two feet deep shelves.  That pile of buckets on the top shelf is our drip irrigation buckets for when it gets into drought here.  The next shelf down is just misc storage tubs.  The next two shelves hold my ‘creative’ supplies. 

The front half of the west wall is the one foot shelves.  It’s just basic shed storage… paint supplies, chemicals, plant stuff … just ‘stuff’.

My metal rod and pole corner.  Another one of my stashes. 

The northeast corner is the work table… now being used as ‘sorting central’. 

The front wheel came from a tractor of Himself’s uncle and the back wheel was on the wagon Himself’s grandfather brought to ND when he homesteaded in the early 1900s.  And on the table is a footlocker from Himself’s Army days.

The east wall.  We are still working on the tools.  Once we get them all cleaned and reconditioned they will go up on peg boards and hooks on this wall. 

The trunk and pew are projects in the waiting.  As is the bird bath a friend just gave us. 

And there you have it… our finished shed!  

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  1. Hmmm, I just commented but it didn't show up. Oh well....CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Job well done!! We know how much work it is...we are going through our garage after living here 8 years and having countless garage sales...we still are unearthing things and getting rid of stuff. Hopefully, one day, we'll actually be able to park a car in there ;-)


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