Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A More Personal Wreath Laying

Yesterday I wrote about the wreath laying ceremony at the Kentucky Veteran's Cemetery West.  It was something that settled deep inside of me.   I thought about two of my own family members who had served and were not in a Veteran Cemetery.

I decided they should be just as honored.

So on our way to my family's for Christmas, Himself and I made plans to stop at the two cemeteries on the way up.  The plan was put on hold because of a cold rain storm so we decided to do it on the way home.  Seems that my plan was changed for God's plan...

My parents decided to follow us down to the cemeteries.  That meant so much to me that they took part.

The first grave we visited was my uncle; my Dad's brother.  He went to Korea and was lost at the First Battle of Old Baldy.

Dad and I laying Robert's wreath.  I have often wondered what he was like.

We taught my family the military tradition of leaving a coin on the headstone of a soldier.  There is a penny for each of us, which means a visit was made.

A nickle means the visitor went to boot camp with them.  A dime means the visitor served with them.

A quarter means the visitor was there when they died in battle.

The next stop was to the grave of my second great grandpa.  I say second because he was the man who married my great grandma after my great grandpa died.  Forget the 'step' business... Elmer was my grandpa!

He served in WWI in France.  During WWII he was part of the selection service.

A wreath and pennies for Elmer.

This has become a brand new tradition for me.

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