Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Taste of China

Remember that I told you I was doing a lot more cooking?  Besides cooking up recipes from my magazines, I am learning to cook a full meal from a different country each month.  Through the month I will cook different recipes that when combined are a meal.  

For January I chose to do China because of Chinese New Year and because we love Chinese food.  For the rest of the year I will work on a meal from a country I have visited.

A LONG time ago when I was basically a new homemaker, I took a semester of Chinese cooking classes.  Somewhere along the line I misplaced my recipes and only recently found them.  So I decided to revisit those recipes.  Wow.  I was such a novice cook I didn't realize how poorly the recipes were written up.  So while I will normally have the recipes with my blog post, this time I'll have to  rewrite the recipes a bit later and update this post.

But until then, here is the photo journal of my month of Chinese:

Pork Egg Rolls

Won Ton Soup

Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Fried Rice
(Lu didn't want to teach this recipe to the class.  She said it was "just leftovers!"

Napa with Black Mushrooms

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