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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Home Kits - The Computer

I'm leading another challenge on a FB group (A Creative and Simple Life) where each month we are going to put together a 'kit' to make our lives more simple.  

January was "Computer Kit".

The challenge started with an action... back up your files and download photos off of phones!  Himself and I each have a terabyte external hard drive to back up with.

The next thing after I backed up my drive was to make a 'kit' for computer related items.  A place to keep that hard drive, thumb drives, manual/discs that are needed, cleaning things, and so on.  

I decided to use this book case for my computer kit.  Earlier I had doodled on it to give it some style.  The outer pocket is perfect for holding my thumb drives.  It's easy to get to them.

Inside the case...

The left side holds both external drives perfectly.

The right side has a pouch where I put my USB light and as soon as I find it, my USB vacuum/blower tool.  Pockets behind the pouch have screen cleaner pads.

The kit will stay in a drawer near my computer, for easy use (to keep the computer clean and backed up) and easy grab in an emergency.

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