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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Itching to be Stitching

There's a day for almost everything it seems...and today is National Visit a Local Quilt Store Day.  

Yes, is.

My favorite quilt shop is "Quilt and Sew at Golden Threads" in Trenton, KY.

It's a very nice shop with all sorts of fun and unique items.  When my quilting friend Carol was down we made a trip over.

There are so many fabrics to pick from.  Aren't these blues beautiful?

There is a great selection of novelty fabrics too.  Want a Pokemon?  This is your place!

They also work with the Honor Quilt program for veterans.

There are kits to do, classes to take, clubs to join!

Poor Himself!  It was just too much for him.  He had a nice nap in 'the man chair'.


  1. There is an amazing fabric store in StL and lists itself as one of the top 10 fabric stores in the county by BHG. Been around for 114 years.

  2. Sounds interesting! I'd like to go by sometime.


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