Sunday, January 8, 2017

Wanna Swap?

As part of my plan to become more creative, I have joined up with a couple of groups that does 'small art' swaps.  I've done three so far.

The first was what is called an "Artist Trading Card".  It's a take off of baseball trading cards, the same size.  Very tiny art.  

In this swap it is a deck of cards, you make 54 cards and get the same back...all made by different people.  The theme for this swap was "Travel".    The above where the cards I made.

And here are the beautiful set of cards I got back!

The next swap was Christmas ornaments.  I made these 3 needle felted hearts...

...and received these three lovelies to hang on my tree.

The last swap I did was a post card swap.  The challenge was to use our favorite color.

This beautiful trio are what came back to me.

I'm keeping my swaps in an album so I can admire them and use them for new ideas/techniques.  (I'll put photos of my ornaments in so I can remember them).

If anyone is interested in these groups, email me and I will give you the information to hook up with them.

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